Proud Owners,
Bryna & Steve Sprigings
Sprigwich, 284 Main St. Wellington, ON

Sprigwich is a newly established, made-to-order sandwich shop in Wellington, Prince Edward County! Combining our love of the outdoors, we’ve brought ‘Sprigs’ of our quality Muskoka and hometown Sprigglen farming roots into our must-visit, quaint, country storefront. Working alongside our family, we’re featuring fresh locally raised meat from Sprigglen Meat Market, which is processed and prepared on-site in their government-inspected Abattoir facility next door. Offering several house-made meats including nitrate-free deli roast beef and turkey, paired with preservative-free bread products from Dooher’s Bakery, unique cheese varieties from Empire Cheese Co-op, and other small batch, clean County ingredients. Within Sprigwich rustic woodsy charm, you’ll find old-fashioned style, hard-working values, and hometown quality in every bite.

Daily Transformation Growth Partnerships

For us, Sprigwich is more than just a sandwich shop, it symbolizes regrowth and transformation. Every sandwich can be radically unique and rebuilt differently every day – we’ve come to learn this is true in life too. We’ve spent the last several years trying to rebuild our lives each day after Steve sustained physical injuries and a brain injury in a motor vehicle collision on his way to work in 2012 when our daughter was 6 months old. This accident brought many challenges for our young family, in addition to losing both our fathers and leaving behind what we thought were our lifelong career dreams. It wasn’t until we gained new strength and perspective that we decided to take on this brand-new opportunity.

Our entrepreneur journey has come with new challenges, hiccups, and learning experiences as with many new business startups. We have been open-minded, welcoming ideas, seeking advice, and connecting with the village around us to help support and build our path. We cherish the kindred relationships we developed with one connection leading to another - the kind of magic that’s created when a community of support is formed. JD Consultants is no exception. For us, experienced mentorship is an integral piece of our journey to success - being supported by those who have been in similar shoes and have experienced the challenges and uncertainty of the future. JD Consultants has reassured us of our business venture, confidence in our offerings, and positive reinforcement for potential growth.

Community Commitment

We look forward to building Sprigwich and being a part of Wellington and the broader community, supporting other small businesses and establishing other local collaborations.